Beard Growth Vitamins: How Vitamins and Minerals Can Promote Facial Hair Growth

Beard Growth Vitamins: How Vitamins and Minerals Can Promote Facial Hair Growth

best vitamins for facial hair growth

We do know that vitamins and minerals are the basis at which our bodies work, and they are scientifically proven to help, aid, and assist facial hair growth by;

  1. Maintaining optimal production of testosterone and DHT (main hormones behind beard growth).
  2. Maintaining the production of sebum, collagen, keratin, and everything that our bodies do to produce energy, which eventually leads to growth of beard.

So we know that we couldn’t function without vitamins and minerals, but we also don’t kind of believe that these vitamins would help our facial hair to grow…

…And really, to be honest, there are no direct “beard growth vitamins”. No amount of any vitamin works in a way that it would suddenly add hair to your chin. BUT we still need optimal levels of nearly all essential vitamins and minerals to actually be able to MAXIMIZE our natural abilities to grow facial hair.

And this, gentlemen, is the basis of this whole article.

We have to understand that vitamins that help beard growth actually help not directly, but indirectly. They help by maintaining optimal levels of essential nutrients in our bodies so that the body can properly maintain its functions, and one of these functions just happens to be – for men – beard and mustache growth.

Let’s take a closer look at what vitamins and minerals are the most important for growing a healthy and thick beard:

Best Vitamins and Minerals for Beard Growth

vitamins for facial hair growthIn order to find the best facial hair vitamins and minerals, we have to look at the body from multiple perspectives…

…Not only at what any specific vitamin can do to hair health and growth, but also how they impact the hormones necessary for the growth of beard (testosterone and DHT).

Below, you can find all the essential vitamins and minerals and their effects on beard growth, hair health, testosterone, and DHT, to know which are the best minerals and vitamins to promote facial hair growth.

Here’s the minerals and vitamins for facial hair research;

Now understand this: your body needs nearly all of these in a way or another for healthy facial hair growth and other bodily functions. This is especially true when there are deficiencies in the body.

NOTE: Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are extremely common, even in US, as one study quotes“Large portions of the population had total usual intakes below the estimated average requirement for vitamins A (35%), C (31%), D (74%), and E (67%) as well as calcium (39%) and magnesium (46%). Only 0%, 8%, and 33% of the population had total usual intakes of potassium, choline, and vitamin K…”

Best Ways to Ensure Good Intake of Beard Vitamins

what vitamins help grow facial hairThere are two fool-proof ways to ensure that you’re getting a balanced intake of all the key minerals and vitamins for facial hair growth.

  1. Eat a balanced diet with plenty of micronutrient-dense foods (especially animal organs, dark leafy greens, variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, and tubers).
  2. Take a high-quality multivitamin with all the necessary vitamins and minerals for beard growth (not Beardilizer or Vitabeard though, they’re basically a scam).

Now considering that your diet is good in terms of beard growth, let’s look at the best possible multivitamin for making absolutely sure that you’re getting all of the above nutrients in high quantities and quality.

For that Beard Resource recommends EXOS Elite AM/PM Multivitamin.

It costs the same amount per month as those two famous beard vitamin supplements (Vitabeard and Beardilizer), but it actually has a gigantically higher amount of essential nutrients, and they’re actually extracted from better sources. The only difference is that EXOS doesn’t say “beard” in it.

best facial hair vitamin for growth
That’s what you get from EXOS Elite AM/PM Multivitamin for the same price as it would cost to buy those under-dosed “beard vitamin supplements” that are really just low-quality kitchen-sink multi’s with a huge price tag.


There are so many minerals and vitamins to promote facial hair growth, and the body does so directly (by increasing energy production, keratin, sebum, etc) and indirectly (by stimulating the production of hormones that trigger facial hair growth).

It’s impossible to say what would be the best vitamins for beard growth, as they are all so important…

…Which is why Beard Resource highly recommends everyone to consume a super high-quality multivitamin and eating a balanced diet in order to maximize natural ability to grow facial hair.