3 Crazy Good Beard Trimmers to Take Care of All your Beard...

3 Crazy Good Beard Trimmers to Take Care of All your Beard Shaping and Trimming Needs

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Trimming your beard is no child’s play. It’s a serious business that requires quality tools and a sturdy hand.

Many men like to trim theirs at a barbershop for supreme quality, but with some good gear, most of your basic beard clipping, cutting, and trimming can be handled at the privacy and comfort of your own home.

To help you not colossally f-up the results, here are 3 amazing choices of banger quality trimmers and trimmer kits for beard.

1. Remington’s Virtually Indestructible Beard & Hair Trimmer

remington virtually indestructible beard trimmer reviewIf you’re looking for one-time purchase of a barbershop quality beard trimmer, then look no further.

As the name implies, this virtually indestructible (surely there’s a way to actually destroy it) trimmer comes with a 15-piece kit of different lenght-adjusting combs, blade-oil, travel bag, comb & brush.

Honestly though, most bearded brothers will just be using the trimmer as is, without any combs or such; and that’s where this nice looking yellow Remington works perfectly. It’s just a nice quality trimmer that lasts for a lifetime, gets the job done, and doesn’t jam, snag, or pull your beard.

You can get one from Amazon at $25 per piece.

2. Braun Multi-Grooming Kit for Facial, Scalp, Nose, and Ear Hairs

braun multi grooming kit for facial hair trimmingIn need of something little more than just a basic bead trimmer?

I got you covered (or actually Braun does but whatever).

This 8-in-1 grooming kit has pretty much everything you could ever think of trimming from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

The kit includes a fitting little trimming engine that comes with 4 adjustable combs ranging from 0,5-21mm in length.

On top of this you’ll get a special nose-trimmer piece, an ear-trimmer piece, and a Gilette Fusion ProGlide shaver (No! not for the beard, it’s for the neck-line obviously ;))

This 8-in-1 (honestly I’m not sure what all the 8 possibilities are) kit will make you $38 poorer, but you’ll be left with a home barbershop in some sort of sense anyhow, so it’s not a bad deal at all.

3. FARI All-In-One Beard, Hair, and Mustache Trimmer

FARI all in one beard and mustache trimmerWhat you’re looking at here is basically the same thing as the Braun’s trimmer above, but with some slight differences.

It has a nice looking sturdy trimmer part, several length-adjusting combs, ear-trimmer piece, nose-trimmer piece, micro-trimmer blades, and a shaver part (which you probably won’t use).

The trimmer also nicely charges with micro-usb, and gives out 2 -hours of use per each 2-hours of charging. So you could say that it’s slightly more battery-efficient and multifunctional than the Braun trimmer above.

It costs around the same, as you can grab the basic black or champagne color trimmer for $39, but there’s also a plus version that goes for $53 (but it’s not worth it to be honest, just get the basic version instead).