MLB Beard Motivation: 10 of the Best Beards in Baseball History

MLB Beard Motivation: 10 of the Best Beards in Baseball History

MLB players with baseball beards

Why do baseball players have beards?

Who knows, maybe because beards are awesome, and maybe they’re starting to adopt the great tradition of hockey playoff beards.

In any case, baseball players are somewhat known of growing the best beards in sports.

This post is a testament to that, with 10 of arguably the best baseball beards in MLB history:

1. Brian Wilson

brian wilson beard
During the San Francisco playoff rally in the 2010 season, fans started chanting “fear the beard” everytime Brian Wilson would be on the mound at his duty as a relief-pitcher. Why? Well look at yourself.

2. Mike Napoli

mike napoli baseball beard in mlb
Many Red Sox beards were sprouting during the time this photo was taken, but this level of fullness, and of course the waves, is harder task to achieve. Mike Napoli’s facial hair truly is one of the best beards in baseball.

3. Danny Espinosa

danny espinosa mlb beard and mustache
Danny Espinosa really can select whatever beard or mustache style and it will fit his face like a nose fits the head. Just look at the thickness of the handlebars and thefull beard that literally covers half of his face.

4. Derek Norris

derek norris best beards in sports
Cather Derek Norris had his numbers dramatically improve shortly after growing the massive full beard. We’re not saying it was the beard that improved his game, but it was the beard that improved his game.

5. Jake Arrieta

jake arrieta beard
The Chicago Cubs are flying right now in the MLB. And their impressive record is deeply tied to this man; Jake Arrieta. Unlike many of the Cubs players, Arrieta sports a dense full beard on the mound, and that’s important.

6. Jayson Werth

Jayson Werth definitely has a baseball beard of a winner
The right-handed Jayson Werth has been in the game of baseball for a long time. He has played for Toronto, LA, Philadelphia, and Washington. Let’s face it, what team wouldn’t want a beard like that?

7. Jason Motte

Jason Motte why do baseball players have beards
With a quick glance, it’s obvious that this is Santa Claus in his track suit. On the other hand it could also be Jason Motte, but it’s really hard to say so we’ll leave this quiz for you.

8. Brian Schlitter

brian schlitter baseball player beard
When Brian Schlitter grew a full-beard, he went from a boy straight into a freaking boss. So why do baseball players have beards? Maybe they just want to become bosses to.


9. Matt Shoemaker

matt shoemaker is baseball player with facial hair
Matt Shoemaker has had an uphill to climb to eventually play in the MLB. He was never drafted, but instead scouted by the Angels organization later on. In MLB he has always been with the Angels, as has his beard.

10. Dallas Keuchel

why do baseball players have a beard dallas keuchel
Dallas Keuchel is a living testament to the fact that every man simply looks better in a full beard. He also has a Cy Young award, and we think the beard helps him.