Derma Roller and Beard Growth: Can You Really Use a Derma Roller...

Derma Roller and Beard Growth: Can You Really Use a Derma Roller for Increased Facial Hair Growth?

derma roller beard growth stimulation

The derma roller is an interesting little device. It’s a handle with hundreds of tiny little needless that you use to roll on your skin to boost the production of collagen and keratin.

Logically, many men are curious whether this kind of microneedling device such as the patented dermaroller can be used for beard growth stimulation.

The answer is, theoretically yes. Derma roller can be safely used for the beard area and it should result in increased facial hair growth, especially when used in conjuction with minoxidil.

How Derma Roller Increases Beard Growth Rate?

does derma roller grow beard where it doesnt growDerma rollers and other microneedling devices are most commonly used by women to soothe out wrinkles in the face to prevent and remove rosacea and acne scarring.

The mechanism of action is simple:

  1. The small needles of the derma roller puncture the skin.
  2. The body recognizes this damage and begins the healing process.
  3. Circulation improves, collagen and keratin are shuttled to the area of the damage.

Now since collagen and keratin are both necessary components of the actual facial hair that stems from the follicles, it would make logical sense that this increased collagen and keatin, along with the improved circulation of the facial hair area could result in increased rate of natural beard growth.

Many men have anecdotally reported great improvements with derma rolling on facial hair as well as scalp-hair, and according to many it seems to work even better with application of minoxidil solution.

There’s also been a study concluded on derma rolling the scalp, in which the researchers write;

“Microneedling works by stimulation of stem cells and inducing activation of growth factors.” – Int J Trichology. 2013

What Type of Derma Roller is Best for Face?

derma roller facial hairSince the skin of the face is not very thick, a derma roller with needle length of 0,5-1mm should do the trick.

That depth should be well enough to puncture through to the area of the hair follicle, and stimulate circulation, keratin, and collagen production.

We at Beard Resource recommend this cheap but sturdy 0,75mm derma roller. It’s perfect needle length for facial hair growth and solid enough to last for a lifetime…

…If you wan’t to get all professional and needle with extreme precission, you can invest a bit more and get something like this with different size heads.

How to Use Derma Roller for Facial Hair?

Microneedling is very easy. 

1-2 times a week, go through your entire face area in multiple directions with the roller. If you’re using minioxidil in conjuction with the needling, wait for 12-hours before applying the minox solution to prevent systemic absorption to the rest of the body via increased blood flow.

Here’s the directions you should roll in for best results;

how to use derma roller for beard growth stimulation


Derma rolling is a cheap and easy method of stimulating beard growth by boosting circulation, keratin, and collagen production.

It has been scientifically-proven to work on scalp hair, and should work in similar manner to the hair of the facial area. Anecdotal reports from many forums support this too.

The Derma roller we recommend for facial hair growth is a sturdy 0,75mm device, and for best results microneedling should be combined with minoxidil.