Beard Growth Spray Review: Everything about Facial Hair Growth Stimulator Sprays

Today we are exploring two of the most popular "beard growth" sprays on the market, and revealing how their miserable existence is not only possibly harmful for your facial hair growth, but also makes the whole beard industry look ridiculous.

beard growth spray guide everything about beard growth products

If you’re like most men unable to grow a majestic beard, you’ve probably wondered…

“Does beard growth spray work? Are there even such things?”

And much to my amazement, there actually is. A whole market has evolved around facial hair growth sprays and beard thickeners, but the question I’m going to answer with this beard growth spray review is…

…Are they just a scam or can they legit make you grow thicker beard?

Beard Growth Spray® is a Scam

beard thickener spray reviewThis is the most popular beard growth spray on the market, and the name clearly explains what it’s for.

Growing more facial hair. Plain and simple.

The thing is that even though their paid Amazon reviews show mostly 5-stars, the product itself is a massive joke, and if you understand how beard growth takes place, you know why.

You see, the most powerful hormone for actually triggering facial hair growth is DHT or dihydrotestosterone

…It’s 10x more androgenic than the more popular male hormone; testosterone, and known for its effect of growing body and facial hair (but possibly reducing scalp hair).

And this simple thing the marketers of the Beard Growth Spray® didn’t understand. And that is obvious from their ingredients and website, as the product contains saw palmetto, a herb specifically used for its DHT-blocking effect by men looking to prevent SCALP-hair loss.

Since saw palmetto works to lower DHT, it does the exact opposite of stimulating beard growth. It’s an anti-androgen, and beard growth is all androgenic hair.

Their website even says;

Saw Palmetto was first used in hair loss prevention products because it battles against the androgen in your body which accelerates hair loss.  It blocks the enzymes which produce DHT which prevents them from causing hair loss.”

That’s absolutely idiotic, they are confusing scalp-hair with facial hair, and those have two different mechanisms of growing, facial hair is purely hormonal androgenic hair (and triggered by DHT and T), whereas hair growth on the scalp is non-hormonal vellus hair.

…Using something that blocks DHT or T ensures that your beard will not grow. And since Beard Growth Spray® contains saw palmetto, it should actually be labeled as Beard Ihibition Spray®.

Do not spend your money on this scam of a facial hair spray, the producers are so quick to scam people off their moneys that they forgot to study what causes beard growth in the first place…

Biotopic Facial Hair Serum Does the Same Mistake

beard thickener sprayIf you though the guys over at Beard Growth Spray® were the only ones not to do their homework on how DHT actually triggers facial hair growth, you’re wrong…

…The producers/scammers over at Biotopic Facial Hair Serum did the exact same mistake.

Their Amazon product “Facial Hair Serum” spray has glaring (paid) 5-star reviews, for a product that contains *drum roll* saw palmetto, the same freaking DHT-blocker as in the Beard Growth Spray product!

Once again, I recap this.

  1. Beard growth is androgenic and its stimulated by two androgenic male hormones, testosterone and DHT.
  2. Saw Palmetto is a proven anti-androgen which works by reducing the levels of DHT (the more potent androgen, responsible of linear beard growth).
  3. Therefore using saw palmetto in a product that is marketed as a “facial hair growth spray” is absolutely ridiculous, since the herb naturally inhibits facial hair growth.


Does beard growth spray work? Absolutely not if you try the two failures above. They will actually slow down beard growth.

The only “spray” that really is proven to grow facial hair by science and thousands of anecdotal reports, is minoxidil, a prescription-free pharmaceutical that increases circulation of the hair follicles and delivers more nutrients, as well as testosterone and DHT to the follicles…

…You can read all about how to use minoxidil, before and after results, and some science in my bigger minoxidil post.