Beard and Suits: Examples of Best and Worst Beard and Mustache Styles to Wear with a Suit

Is there a such thing as having too much beard with a suit? Perhaps, but you should be more concerned about the quality of your facial hair when suiting up rather than the length.

beards and suit

The majority of business men are actually clean shaven. In fact, a study showed that 98% of the World’s top-100 richest men were clean shaven.

Does this also mean that a beard doesn’t go that well with a suit?

Not necessarily, but in some cases, yes.

There are few beard and mustache styles that go perfectly well with a good fitting suit, enhancing the looks, but also numerous of styles that make you look like a goof trying to mix the two.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

The Best and Worst Beard Styles with Suit

The truth is that there are only two real facial hair styles that should we wore with a suit.

  1. Full beard.
  2. Mustache.
beards and suit
Here we see perfect examples of facial hair that goes extraordinarily well with a suit.

A trimmed or even untamed beard – as long as its full – is a sign of ultimate masculinity, and it goes extremely well with a fitting suit.

Same goes for wearing a mustache only. IF the mustache is full enough. No peach fuzz with a suit. Ever.

George Clooneys classic style, John Hamms magnificient full-beard, and the classic Anchorman mustache of Will Ferrell are great examples of my point.

Now, the beard styles that don’t fly so well with a suit are nearly all of the styles that aren’t full beard or mustache…

examples of bar beard styles for suits
Seriously. If your beard looks like this, it’s not suit material.

Failed beard attempts, such as peach fuzz, patchy beards, or goatee, simply won’t go well with the elegance and masculinity of a well-designed suit.

You can tell yourself otherwise, but if you cannot grow a full beard or mustache to go with the suit, do not wear facial hair. Be clean shaven and don’t make a goof out of yourself.

The examples of Leonardo DiCaprio’s decent try of a full-beard, patchy Keanu Reeves, and the fuzz of McCounaghey should make my point.

Bottom line: Have a good, thick, beard – that says beard – when wearing a suit. If you can’t grow one, not even a mustache. Don’t try to force it. Go clean shaven and stimulate your natural beard growth until you can rock a beard + suit.

That’s the truth gentleman.