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Beardilizer is a beard vitamin and/or beard supplement similar to VitabeardIt’s extremely popular among the available beard pills, and many men swear by its effectiveness, often also posting impressive Beardilized before and after pictures.

However, the question is, does beardilizer work?

What is Beardilizer and What are the Ingredients?

bearded man thinkingBeardilizer is a beard vitamin, or as the sellers claim “Facial Hair Formula for Men“.

They say that their formulated vitamin complex would increase the beard growth rate naturally and keep your beard stronger and healthier.

What they don’t tell you is that their supplement really is just an under-dosed grocery store multivitamin with a stupidly high price.


They play all the possible supplement industry shenanigans to make their product appear like a legitimate beard supplement, but really you’re going to pay $30/month for a very weak multivitamin.

I mean just check out the Beardlilizer ingredients:

beardilizer ingredients list

Just like in Vitabeard, Beardilizer uses the 3 capsules = 1 serving trick to make it look like their bottles would have a lot of pills, when in reality it only lasts for a month. Also including a less than 500mg’s of MSM and silica is ridiculous, such amount does nothing for beard growth.

What you really pay for in Beardilizer is not the quality of the supplement, but the illusion of it being a potent mixture of something that boosts beard growth when in reality it’s just an overpriced under-dosed low-quality multivitamin.

The same Price Gets you Best Multi on the Market

fruits and vegetablesFact is that vitamins and minerals can help beard growth rate and beard health in general.

This is especially true when there are underlying micronutrient deficiencies and the multi is used to correct those.

Should you spend thirty bucks a month on an under-dosed kitchen-sink multi (Beardilizer) to try and do that.

Or would you rather choose something that has significantly higher amounts of micronutrients, extracted from better sources, with absorption improving compounds, and manufactured by Thorne Research in the best supplement factory of the United States?

↓ Some much better multivitamins than Beardilizer ↓

The fact is that a multivitamin is a multivitamin, just by slapping the word “beard” into it doesn’t make it any better for your beard than regular multivitamins.

…Since it’s all about the ingredients and the quality of them, not about the label or what you try to make that convey to the buyers.

Conclusion on Beardilizer

Does Beardilizer really work to grow facial hair? Not any better than a $10 multi from the grocery store.

What are the Beardilizer side effects? Likely side effect-free since its only under-dosed vitamins and minerals.

Should you buy Beardilizer? Absolutely not. It’s a scientific fact that vitamins and minerals are needed for healthy facial hair growth, but for the same money, you can get 10x better multivitamin supplement without the word “beard” in it.

Also, if you’re eating plenty of nutritious beard boosting foods, you don’t need a multivitamin at all.



  1. I have always known that most of this over rated stuffs have more powerful substitute. They just target the niche beard and make up junks, while those that really give good stuff generalize it.

  2. I have been contemplating buying this supplement for my beard for a while now. Now that I know this information I definitely won’t be wasting my money when there are cheaper alternatives. Thanks for the info!


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