4 of the Absolute Best Beard Brushes and Beard Combs out There

A comb is a comb and a brush is a brush, right? Wrong. There's lots of stuff that goes into getting a quality beard comb or brush for your bushy beard, and it's definitely not just the same if you're just going to be using your sisters hair brush to do the job.

best beard combs and brushes

If you have been growing your beard out for a while now, you have probably started noticing that as the beard and mustache grows longer, it starts to point to all the possible directions, and generally get very untamed, especially in the mornings.

This is where beard combs and brushes come into play (sure you should also use oils and waxes for maximum tameability, but that’s another post).

Before we hop into the ever so important topic of the best beard brush and comb choices, I want to make sure you understand these few commandments of choosing the right beard brush and comb.

…The commandments are as follows;

  • Unless you care extremely deeply about animals, use natural bristles over synthetic in your beard brush selection. That is, usually boar bristle or horse hair.
  • To prevent static electricity, aka creating imbalanced electric charge, consider using wood combs over metal. Wood is also superior to plastic, so go with wood.

Aaand that is basically all you need to know. Here’s the 4 best choices hand-picked for you:

1. Hunter Jack’s Beard Comb Kit

Hunter jacks amazing beard comb kitIn my opinion, this is the sickest, coolest, and most dope beard comb on the market. Period.

It’s made from great quality sandalwood which looks absolutely banger and is anti-static to prevent that

It also comes in a really nice looking leather case that is great if you need to travel and what not.

And lastly, this comb has two sides, one with a thick fine tooth edge and other with a wider set of teeths.

Simply put, there’s no better comb out there for your beard, and this masterpiece goes for just little over $10 bucks. Not bad for a solid beard comb that should last a lifetime.

2. The Rugged Bros 100% Pure Boar Bristle Brush

rugged bros keeps it simple with their epic beard brushesThe Rugged Bros make some great products for the most part, and I think this brush is some of their best creations.

This black brush is very simple and masculine in design, and it fits perfectly to your hand.

With its 100% pure boar bristles, you get just the right stiffness and taming action for everyday use.

Lastly, unlike many other brush makers, The Rugged Bros have curved theirs, which makes it much more natural to use on the facial hair.

For little over $15, this gives you a solid beard brush to hopefully last a lifetime (in proper use).

3. Liberty Premium Grooming Firm Boar Bristle Brush

best boar bristle brushes for beard growth and maintenanceLike the brush above, this has 100% of the hairs from firm boar bristle.

It’s simple, sturdy, and looks nice.

Basically it’s just like the Rugged Bros brush above, but just with a different type of handle and thinner area of hair for more precise brushing.

There are some companies out there that claim to use boar bristles but then in reality manufacture their products with cheap synthetic hairs. So it’s nice to know that Liberty Premium actually has certificate of authenticity for their use of 100% boar bristles in their beard brushes.

The cost for this thing is not bad. For little shy of $22, you’ll get years worth of beard brushing.

4. Kent Limited Edition Beard Brush

kents super premium beard styling brushIf you want to drop a little more money for premium product, look no further than Kent.

They are the creators of the original brush for facial hair, which was first manufactured in around 1700.

The 6-inch brush has precise and small set of hairs from Beechwood boars, and the brush comes with a gift box and a cotton string back for traveling.

But like said, this premium product comes with a premium price, as it will cost you $48 to get your hands on this limited piece of historical beard styling.