NFL Beard Motivation: 5 of the Best Beards in American Football History

nfl beards and american football beards

NFL beards are not nearly as popular as growing a beard in NHL or MLB, yet they do still exist and some of them are nothing short of magnificent.

Are these the best beards in all sports? Maybe, it’s hard to say, but at least the #1 on this list is a viable candidate.

Here are your NFL players with best beards:

1. Brett Keisel

brett keisel beard in nfl
Brett Keisel’s beard is nothing short of legendary. It even has its own song and its own store called “Da Beard”. Keisel’s beard also has its own Twitter account and even a FaceBook page. So, yeah.

2. Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan Fitzpatrick beard
According to a study done by Sports Illustrated, the New York Jets are the beardsiest team in all of NFL. The Jet with the best beard of his team is without a doubt, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

3. Eric Weddle

eric weddle nfl beard
The former Charger, current Raven, Eric Weddle has one of the meanest beards in all of NFL. I mean just look at it? Anyone with more than one brain cell wouldn’t want to be on the opposite team.

4. Nick Mangold

nick mangold beard nfl
You know your parents are professional namers when your name is Nick ManGold and your beard is also gold in color. Salute to the Mangold family from us here at Beard Resource.

5. Jason Kelce

jason kelce beard
Jason Kelce’s beard doesn’t really need a caption. We’re just wondering how he eats with no visible mouth.