DIY Beard Oil: How to Make your Own Beard Oil at Home (Guide and Best Recipes)

Fancy some DIY stuff? Well, you're in luck. We present you the ultimate guide to making your own beard oils.

diy beard oil recipe guide

Beard oils are awesome, but sometimes they can be extremely pricey, and contain oils that can actually inhibit beard growth by negatively affecting testosterone and DHT (beard stimulating hormones).

In this guide we’re looking at how to make your own beard oil, what are the best beard oil recipes, and what items, carrier oils and essential oils you need to make yours at home.

Let’s dig in:

What You Need to Make DIY Beard Oil

how to make your own beard oilThe necessary parts of creating a beard oil include:

  1. Dark glass bottle (preferably with a dropper).
  2. Carrier oil (the main base oil, such as jojoba).
  3. Essential oils (for scent, growth stimulation, etc).

That’s it really. But the real “challenge” of creating a good beard oil at home is choosing the right oils in right amounts that suit your goals and preferences…

…And that’s what we’re about to figure out next.

Choosing the Right Oils

diy beard oil recipe to make at homeThe best DIY beard oil recipe will contain a carrier oil that fits your goals, and essential oils that fit your beard goals and have the right scent you’re looking for.

Below, I will list the most common (non-hormone inhibiting) oils for each purpose (carrier oils, beard health, beard growth stimulation, scent), and after that let’s take a deeper look at the exact amounts and best beard oil recipes.

Carrier (base) oils;

NOTE: Avoid carrier oils high in polyunsaturated fats, as these negatively affect testosterone and DHT, the most potent beard growth hormones!

Essential oils rich in nutrients;

Essential oils for growth stimulation;

NOTE: Avoid using eucalyptus, peppermint, or spearmint oils. They are often used in “growth oils” but they actually lower testosterone levels and inhibit beard growth.

Essential oils for manly scent;

  • Cedarwood oil (distinctive woody, spicy-resinous scent).
  • Sandalwood oil (warm, woodsy, super masculine scent).
  • Fir needle oil (smells like a fresh cut forest, for lumber-jacks).
  • Patchouli oil (very earthy, musky scent, often used in colognes).
  • Pine oil (similar to fir needle, foresty, earthy scent).

3 DIY Beard Oil Recipes for Different Purposes

how to make beard oilSo, we’ve gotten to the juicy part of this article.

How to make beard oil, aka. what oils to actually mix with each other in what dosages. Here I will give you three recipes, one for basic overall beard oil, one for promoting growth, and one which is rich in nutrients, softens and soothes the beard.

(note that all recipes are measured for 1oz bottle).

The simple beard oil recipe (everyday use);

Growth oil for follicle stimulation;

Conditioning beard softening nutrition oil;


These were just few examples of DYI beard oil recipes for many purposes (growth, maintenance, and everyday use).

Just remember that the recipes above are just my favorite examples, but a true beard oil shaman can easily craft his own. For instance, if you buy a batch of dark glass bottles, some carrier oils and a set of essential oils, you can create multiple different oils and see what you like (often for a price of one pre-made beard oil).

But remember that a great beard oil should do two things…

  1. Serve a purpose (maintenance, growth, or conditioning).
  2. Smell freaking manly (you have a beard, better smell like it).