NHL Beard Motivation: 20 of the Best Hockey Playoff Beards

When the elimination games start, the chins and cheeks vanish. That's the name of the game with hockey playoff beards.

why do hockey players have beards during playoffs

It’s a tradition in NHL to grow facial hair during the playoffs.

Which has led to the occurrence of magnificent hockey playoff beards. Nobody really seems to know why the players feel like growing facial hair during the cup-rally, but one thing is certain…

…As masculine sport as hockey is, beards fit it perfectly.

Just take a look at these twenty legendary hockey players with facial hair:

1. Lanny McDonald

lanny mcdonald playoff beard
Lanny McDonald’s playoff beard was a true masterpiece. Perhaps the best beard in sports if I may say, just look at that bushy stache.

2. Ken Morrow

ken morrow playoff beard legend
It was during the 1980 playoffs that the culture of growing a playoff beard really took of in NHL. At that time Ken Morrow’s Islanders were dominating the playoffs and the legend says that his beard is the first of the great hockey beards that really innovated the existence of the playoff beard culture.

3. Paul Mara

paul mara playoff facial hair
If someone has a full-beard, it’s this guy. I mean just look at that, you can’t even see his mouth. True beard motivation that deserves a salute.

4. Kris Draper

kris draper nhl playoff beards
Some say that orange beards are not in fashion, but we at Beard Resource highly disagree, and as evidence we may point you to the superior beard of Kris Draper.

5. Henrik Zetterberg

henrik zetterberg beard
The Swede of the Detroit Red Wings sports a beard year-round, but during the playoff season it’s extra bushy and deserves a seat among the best playoff beards in existence.

6. Mike Commodore

mike commodore hockey nhl beard
It’s sad that Commodore never sported the number 64 as many old console gamers would of have loved to witness, but his epic orange beard with the funny hair styles was always a class act among men.

7. Scott Parker

scott parker bearded hockey players
Scott Parker earned a nickname “The Sheriff” due to being a feared fighter and enforcer in the rink. The fear we can understand, just look at that battle-beard.

8. Jean-Sebastien Giguere

jean sebastian giguere playoff beards
Giguere is a goalkeeper that lost the Stanley cup final in 2002 (was still elected to be the best player of the playoffs), and then finally won it in 2007. Did the beard have any influence on his success? We think it did.

9. Scott Niedermayer

scott niedermayer playoff beard in hockey
Scott Niedermayer holds the Conn Smythe trophy (best player of the playoffs). This was in 2007, as Niedermayer was playing in the ducks organization alongside with Jean-Sebastien Giguere. He also rocks a slightly greyish beard with class.

10. Maxime Talbot

max talbot magnificient facial hair
Max talbot finally won a Stanley cup in the penguins organization during the 2008 season, and his beard certainly met the criteria of a cup holder.

11. Dustin Penner

dustin penner playoff beard
Dustin Penner has won two Stanley cups in his career. As you can see from the bushy beard and missing teeth, he is a hard worker, worthy of a cup or two.

12. Brent Burns

brent burns beard
As you can see, Brent Burns rocks the wookie beard and it suits him. The combination of untamed hair, untamed beard, and missing teeth, make burns a bearded giant not worth pissing off.

13. Joe Thornton

joe thornton beard nhl playoffs
During the 2016 NHL season, Joe Thornton (playing alongside Brent Burns’es beard) really let the beard grow. To every direction that is.

14. Zdeno Chara

zdeno chara beard
Chara is a giant of a man, with staggering height of 6’9”. And when he grows a beard for the playoffs, you definitely don’t want to mess with him (as to be expected that beard was worthy of a Stanley cup in 2010).

15. Jaromir Jagr

jaromir jagr playoff beard
Jagr is known for breaking all the rules. And his playoff beard does that too. Just look at it.

16. Braden Holtby

braden holtby playoff beard
“Holtbeast” has a great beard year-round, and it certainly suits him. And when the Capitals get to the playoffs, all hell breaks loose and that facial hair likely connects to his chest hair.

17. Shea Weber

shea weber playoff beard
Weber had great run as one of the NHL’s elite defensemen playing for Nashville Predators, and for the upcoming season he will be showcasing the skills in Montreal Canadiens. We’ll see if the Canadiens make the playoffs and if Weber’s beard might finally help a Canadian team hoist the cup.

18. Scott Hartnell

scott hartnell nhl beards
This hardworking player of the Philadelphia Flyers makes all orange bearded men proud.

19. Radko Gudas

radgo gudas nhl players with beards
Gudas always looks like he has heard enough about someone’s bullshit. Anyway his beard must frighten the opponents.

20. Henrik Lundqvist

henrik lundqvist beard
“King Henrik” protects the net of the New York Rangers year after year. And he does that well. He sports a beard year-round and it certainly suits the fellow. In fact, CQ recently name him one of the top-20 most stylish athletes.