Get Thicker Beard Naturally: 7 Proven Methods

Get Thicker Beard Naturally: 7 Proven Methods

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how to get thicker beard naturally

Beards have been seen as symbols of masculinity for centuries. Like big antlers on a deer, thick facial hair on a man is an evolutionary sign of health & manliness.

Question is; how do you make your beard thicker naturally? Is it even possible?

To make it blunt, the answer is; yes.

There are many methods to naturally increase the actual thickness and density of the facial hair, but also some tips & tricks that can make your beard appear thicker, without actually changing it.

So buckle up; a journey of bearded wisdom awaits us below.

Infographic: 7 Tricks for a Thicker Beard

get thicker beard naturally infographic

1. Patience Makes your Beard Grow Thicker

man looking proud with a beardGrowing a beard can be a long-winded process.

Growing a thick beard, on the other hand, that’s an even longer process.

Most men who grow decent facial hair and mustache, but don’t consider themselves as people who have “thick beards”, have likely never tried to really let their beards grow with time.

You can hear many beards-men preaching about the golden 4-week rule.

As in; you shouldn’t do anything to your beard for four weeks, then look at where you are in terms of beard growth, and decide whether to keep it or shave it off.

I think that’s not enough time for most men.

A better alternative – if you’re looking to really see if you can pull off a thick beard – would be a 10-week rule.

During this time, you may trim the sides and your mustache just a little bit, but other than that, just let the beard come in.

After the 10-weeks have passed, use a trimmer to make your facial hairs even length. Don’t trim too much, just use a guard to even out the mane. Finish off by cleaning the neckline.

If at this point your beard still doesn’t appear thick, or you can’t even call it a beard, then you may need something else than just time.

That’s okay though, continue below; I’ve got you covered with more beard thickening tricks.

2. Castor Oil

castor oil and seeds on a tableCastor oil is different from many other beard oils and balms.

It contains high amounts of a special type of fatty acid called ricinoleic-acid.

Although there’s evidence that the ricinoleic-acid in castor oil could increase something called prostaglandin E2, which may over-time stimulate beard growth, the most important beard thickening mechanism of castor oil is not the PGD2.

Instead, it’s the unique viscosity and thickness of the oil. 

Just castor oil alone can make your beard look much thicker than it actually is. The oil works its magic by sticking to your beard, creating more mass on the facial hair strands.

Most other oils don’t have this effect, they are simply too thin and liquidy to make your beard appear thicker.

Try castor oil out and you’ll see for yourself; that is if you have SOME beard growth, to begin with.

3. Caloric Surplus

potatoes on a pan with garlic on a tableAs obvious as it is, providing more energy to your body, is a good way to make your facial hair grow out thicker and denser.

Calories – especially in the form of carbohydrate – can greatly facilitate two critical functions necessary for thicker facial hair growth.

  • Androgen production (T & DHT).
  • Thyroid hormone production (T3 & T4).

I’ve talked a lot about how important eating enough and proper carbohydrate fueling are for maintaining high testosterone and DHT levels, so I’ll cut straight to the chase and reference myself from 2015;

A 7-year study compared men who restricted their calories (1350–2415 kcal/day) and ate very “clean” against sedentary subjects who ate a normal Western diet with higher caloric intake (2145-3537 kcal/day). Due to their restrictive caloric intake, the group of men that ate lower amounts of calories had 31% lower testosterone levels, despite the fact that they maintained a “clean diet” and practiced running on a regular basis.Ali Kuoppala

Since science has clearly demonstrated that facial hair is androgenic hair – and that androgenic hair grows in response to the key androgenic hormones; testosterone and DHT, it becomes obvious that giving your body proper amounts of energy is essential in keeping your beard growth hormones surging.

I’m not saying you need to hammer down 5000 kcal per day and get fat, that would be counterproductive. However, an active man eating a fitness bunny diet of 1500 kcal, is sadly going to see his facial hair gains evaporating day by day. Be reasonable.

Now let’s get to the second point; the thyroid hormones T3 and T4.

These are released by the thyroid gland sitting right under your Adam’s apple, and massively influences your metabolic rate, body heat production, hair and nail growth, and so forth.

As to be expected, one of the best methods to keep your thyroid hormone levels high are to a) eat enough calories and b) eat enough carbohydrate.

The reason carbs are so important for thyroid hormones, has to do with conversion from inactive T4 into the active T3. This happens mostly in your liver, and the conversion process requires the principal carbohydrate; glucose.

The liver provides about 70% of our active thyroid hormone, by converting thyroxine to T3, but it can provide this active hormone only when it has adequate glucose.Dr. Raymond Peat

I’m getting a bit derailed here to hammer home the point (maybe it’s because so many people are so damned scared about carbohydrates, for no reason really) but the bottom line is this:

More calories and more carbohydrate => More testosterone, DHT, and thyroid hormones => Thicker & faster beard growth.

4. Vitamins & minerals

fruit smoothie with carrots, limes, apple, beets, and mandarinCalories and macronutrients matter, but so do the micronutrients, aka. vitamins and minerals.

I’ve written a lot about micronutrients along the years, and that’s because I believe they can be one of those low-hanging fruits for health optimization.

In this case, I’d say that fixing your vitamin and mineral deficiencies, is one of those low-hanging fruits for making your beard grow thicker as well.

Here’s why:

Modern-day power-farming strips the soil from nutrients, while increased food processing further limits our daily intake of vitamins and minerals. That’s why I recommend focusing on correcting micronutrient deficiencies as a trick to thicken beard growth.

↓ My go-to stack that should provide all the necessary micro’s 

5. Rogaine (Minoxidil)

box of rogaine minoxidilThis trick is for my readers with weak, non-existent, and patchy beards.

Minoxidil (Rogaine) is perhaps the most potent solution for stimulating the facial hair follicles to sprout out new and thicker beard strands.

How it works is through opening potassium-channels, which causes something called; hyperpolarization in the facial hair follicle cells.

The hyperpolarization forces more nutrients and hormones into the beard roots through enhanced circulation.

Minoxidil may cause follicles in the telogen phase to shed, which are then replaced by thicker hairs in a new anagen phaseWikipedia

Sure, this prescription free-drug is formulated to be used on the scalp, and it’s not completely side-effect free (see link below for a full article about side effects, testimonials, before-afters, and more).

However, anecdotally, hundreds if not thousands of men have used it to grow significant amounts of facial hair. While later on, a scientific study emerged from Thailand to confirm the effects.

In conclusion, minoxidil 3% lotion is effective and safe for beard enhancementIngprasert et al.

I’ve written in detail about Rogaine and minoxidil here, so if you have questions, make sure to read the article.

If you’re looking to buy some for beard thickening purposes, I suggest getting the 5% Kirkland Minoxidil from Amazon, it’s practically the same exact stuff as Rogaine, just not as expensive.

 6. Carnitine

two pieces of raw meat on table with salt and pepperI’ve tested hundreds of supplements over the years as part of my work in another site.

When it comes to making a beard thicker, carnitine seems to be doing something special.

The reason I started experimenting with this carnitine powder was that of these two studies:

This one where carnitine supplementation was able to increase the density and sensitivity of androgen receptors in exercising subjects.

And this one where carnitine supplementation was able to increase AR sensitivity even in sedentary subjects.

If you’re familiar with this website, you may already know how important androgen receptors are for facial hair growth; they are the “locks” that open the effects of androgenic hormones, which I like to see as “keys”.

Anyway, back to carnitine.

Every time I would use it, I would wake up the next morning and look at my stubble and notice that it always seemed thicker and darker. I thought back then that I was just imagining things, but then I took a long break from taking it, started over again later, and once again noticed the same thing.

(this was back when I hadn’t grown a full-beard yet).

I’m not sure if it’s purely because of the enhanced sensitivity of the facial hair receptors that causes this, or carnitine having some direct testosterone & DHT increasing effects, but I definitely like the beard thickening results it gives.

If you want to give carnitine a shot, the studies above used 2g/day of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate. There’s also some naturally occurring carnitines in meat, but you’d have to eat a lot daily to get the 2 grams.

7. Don’t Buy into the Hype

man with facial hair getting styledThere are lots of shady products out there that promise to grow your beard and make it thicker.

Their claims are comedy gold, especially when you take a closer look at the ingredients, and how they can impact beard growth hormones.

I don’t like to badmouth companies for stuff they sometimes do by accident, but in this case, I think most of the “beard growth” boosters, oils, supplements, and whatnot are preying on the men desperately looking to grow more facial hair.

Perhaps one of the most popular products is the Beard Farmer’s Growther Oil, and they go as far as claiming 6x faster beard growth with their product.

Absolutely ridiculous, especially if you look at the fake reviews and the ingredients. It’s literally almost the same as applying olive oil to your face and claiming that it got them a full beard from scratch.

One another extremely popular beard growth spray product proudly boasts by having saw palmetto (a potent DHT blocker) in their product, saying this on their website:

“Saw Palmetto was first used in hair loss prevention products because it battles against the androgen in your body which accelerates hair loss. It blocks the enzymes which produce DHT which prevents them from causing hair loss.”

Funny how facial hair is actually androgenic hair, and they boast how their product blocks one of the most powerful androgenic hormones of the body.

Sure, you might try preventing SCALP hair loss with DHT-blockers, but that’s not the way to go with FACIAL hair, the other is non-hormonal, and the other is fueled by hormones.

Some beard vitamins like the beard growth XL, Beardilizer, and Vitabeard are less harmful since they’re actually trying to create a good product and those might slightly help since they have some micronutrients in there.

However, after slapping the word “beard” into a poor-quality multivitamin and hiking the price sky-high for the low amount of vitamins and minerals they actually contain, you might as well get something that actually has a much higher amount of bio-active micronutrients, but just doesn’t have the word “beard” in the bottle 🙂 .

Conclusion on Making Beard Thicker

Growing a thicker beard naturally has to do with the androgenic hormones; testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, as well as the androgen receptors, and some other factors like vitamins & minerals.

It’s not exactly rocket science, but many men can easily buy into fake hype created by “beard growth sprays” and predatory companies with oils that promise outlandish 6x growth rates.

Ali is a men's health author and serial entrepreneur from Finland. He loves writing about hormonal health and beards. To date, his articles have been read over 15 million times.


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