Vitabeard: Evidence-Based Review of the Ingredients

Vitabeard: Evidence-Based Review of the Ingredients

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vitabeard review does vita beard work

This is the no-bs and honest Vitabeard review.Chances are that if you’ve ever wondered about what vitamins can grow beard, you’ve stumbled upon advertisements and reviews about this beard vitamin and growth booster called “Vita Beard”.

In this article we are looking at the Vitabeard ingredients, as well as figuring out does Vitabeard actually work? In other words, will you grow a better beard after taking this supplement that many bearded fellows are praising on Youtube and review sites.

Let’s examine:

What is Vitabeard and what Ingredients are in it?

does vitabeard actually workVitabeard is simply a kitchen-sink multivitamin cleverly disguised as a beard supplement.

Sure it has some “beard nourishing” compounds other than vitamins and minerals, like MSM and silica, but these are in a low-dose 550mg proprietary blend and likely not enough to cause any positive effects for beard growth.

So does Vitabeard really work?

Probably to some extent, I mean many vitamins and minerals are beneficial for beard growth, and especially if you’re deficient in any of them it will greatly improve facial hair growth rate to correct those deficiencies.

You’ve probably also seen vitabeard before and after results, but let me just tell you that those guys are usually just random dudes who are already able to grow beards, in no way shape or form, are their beards the result of this multivitamin, I can guarantee you that.

The real problem with Vitabeard is the price and the ingredients you get for that:

vitabeard ingredients
If we look at Vitabeard ingredients we can see that it’s just a low-quality kitchen-sink multivitamin with the ridiculously high price and instructions to take 3 caps per day.

So if you take the recommended 3 caps per day, that’s what you get.

That’s is why I don’t like Vitabeard, you can get a better amount of vitamins and minerals with the fraction of the price without the word “beard” in it…

…Like this OptiMen High-Potency Multi, which has higher dosages of better quality vitamins and minerals, and it will end up costing you less than $10/month for the same amount of vitamins and minerals.

Why? Because it doesn’t have the word “beard” in it.

What Really is the Best Beard Growth Multivitamin

multivitamin to boost testosterone and beard growthSo Vitabeard is a decent kitchen-sink multi with nothing special except for some images of beards in the bottle.

For the same amount of money as Vitabeard costs, you can get the best possible multivitamin/multimineral ever created

…Something that is manufactured by Thorne Research in the highest ranked facility in US, from the highest quality ingredients, with absorption enhancing compounds, and with specific AM and PM formulations.

Did I mention that this multi also has much more vitamins and minerals than Vitabeard, and the serving sizes are much higher. Yet the price for a monthly batch of micronutrient goodness is nearly identical.

best facial hair vitamin for growth
That’s what you get from EXOS Elite AM/PM Multivitamin for bit lower price than Vitabeard.

Conclusion on Vitabeard

Vitamins and minerals can speed up beard growth, especially if they’re used to fix underlying micronutrient deficiencies.

But Vitabeard, it’s not really a good beard vitamin, because it’s expensive and doesn’t really differ from grocery store multivitamins.

So to conclude this Vitabeard review. I’ll answer the underlying question: “Does Vitabeard really work?” Yes, but with potency similar to normal grocery store multi’s.

If you really wan’t a high-quality multivitamin, you can actually get EXOS AM/PM for lower price than Vitabeard (rebranded as Thorne 2 -day multi).

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  1. Just paid for my first bottle of Thorne Research Complete Multivitamin/Mineral Formula, Thanks a lot for making me change my mind. I would have just bought junk.