asian business man with a full beard

Be in the beard business for a while, and you notice a worrying trend.

The lack of Asians with beards. 

Why is it that seems so many men from China, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, and the surrounding Asian countries seem to have weaker growth of facial hair than the average Caucasian men?

I decided to write this article to answer some of the great questions and concerns voiced by Adj Regidor in his article titled; I’m an Asian male and have a bad case of beard envy.”

In this article, we will also cover the ways Asian men can grow more beard naturally, as well as the beard styles that are a perfect fit for darker, patchier beards.

Let’s examine:

Why Can’t Asian Men Grow Beard that Well?

asian man with patchy mustache and facial hair on chinBeard and mustache growth is largely dependent on your testosterone and DHT levels.

However, it’s not the end-all-be-all explanation why some men have beards and others do not.

Many Asian males voice their concerns in online forums and Reddit about how they feel less masculine for not being able to grow beards.

This tends to be especially true among those who move to European countries or the US, where large portion of the male population has some facial hair.

So if facial hair growth depends largely on testosterone & DHT, and Asian men commonly have a harder time growing full beards, does it mean that they’re less manly or have less testosterone in their bodies?


According to global research, the difference between the total testosterone levels and free testosterone levels between Asian and Caucasian men is not that big that it would explain the lack of facial hair in Asian men. In fact, some studies have found higher levels of testosterone in Asian males1.

What is different then?

  • Asian men tend to have significantly lower levels of 5 alpha-reductase enzyme2, which converts testosterone into a much more androgenic form, more commonly known for its effect in stimulating the growth of body and facial hair; DHT.
  • Asian males seem to have more copies of the human androgen receptors in their bodies (and face for that matter)3, and more copies mean less sensitivity in them. So what is an androgen receptor you ask? Well, imagine the hormone being a key, the androgen receptor would be the lock that opens the door.

Bottom line being that Asian men have less 5-a enzyme which causes lower levels of the powerful beard boosting hormone; DHT. While also having less sensitive androgen receptors in the face, making it harder for the beard growing hormones to actually have any effect in the beard follicle cells.

How Asian Men Can Stimulate Beard Growth

asian man with a full beardIf you’re Asian and just read the above paragraph, you must of think there’s nothing that can be done, right?

Wrong. There’s A LOT that can be done to trick your genetics and force beard growth to occur, despite lower DHT, and despite having less-sensitive androgen receptors.

In fact, I’m going to give you two extremely effective methods to turn your chin, upper lip, and cheeks from the velvety smooth hairless skin, into what can be a full-beard within the next 12-months.

This is not a joke nor a marketing trick, and I’m not talking about expensive beard transplants either.

What I’m about to show you has mounting piles of anecdotal before and after results, with scientific evidence to back them up as well.

1. Minoxidil (Rogaine)

minoxidil applied to mans beardMinoxidil is nothing short of a miracle drug for men with weak facial hair growth.

It was originally invented as an ulcer medication, after which the researchers quickly saw that it had some blood flow-improving effects.

After this, it was further studied and re-branded as a drug to help lower blood pressure.

Sadly, it had one mighty powerful side-effect: Significant increase in the growth of body and facial hair.

After some of the researchers noticed the powerful hair growth stimulating effects of minoxidil, they formulated it into a topical liquid to be used on scalp-hair of balding men which was branded as “Rogaine“.

After hundreds of studies, minoxidil is commonly accepted as being one of the most reliable and effective methods to stimulate new hair growth and prevent hair loss.

And then the inevitable thing happened. Men started wondering; “Could I buy minoxidil and apply some to my face to grow a beard?”.

Fast forward some years and there are thousands of men who credit their magical beard gains to the daily use of minoxidil.

asian man three panel before and after results after minoxidil use
Here is just one of the many Asian guys who tested out minoxidil. The results are so insane that many guys questioned if it was even the same person! A quick look at the nose and ear structure, however, can easily tell you that it is, in fact, the same guy, just some months apart.

Sometime after Minoxidil got so popular in “underground beard circles” researchers from Thailand decided to test it in a clinical environment4.


results from a minoxidil beard growth study in Thailand
As you can see, compared to placebo. 3% minoxidil solution led to a staggering 1328% increase in hair count of the sample areas in comparison to the guys using a placebo lotion. And this wasn’t a small study either, the result is an average of 48 patients during a 16-week study. The researchers write; “In conclusion, minoxidil 3% lotion is effective and safe for beard enhancement”.

2. Mucuna Pruriens

mucuna pruriensMucuna Pruriens (velvet bean) is a herb commonly used in the Indian herbal medicine; Ayurveda.

Its main use is to increase testosterone levels, prevent infertility, and boost sexual potency in men.

And the active ingredient is L-Dopa, a compound that acts as a precursor to the neurochemical dopamine.

So far, studies have found mucuna to:

  • increase sperm volume and quality in infertile men
  • reduce oxidative damage and the stress hormone cortisol
  • boost dopamine production and libido

That’s all good stuff, but how can it boost the beard growth rate of Asian men?

Well, remember in the beginning the part about Asian males having more androgen receptor copies, causing significantly lower sensitivity of the receptors towards hormones?

Mucuna Pruriens has been found twice to activate androgen receptors. The active ingredient; L-Dopa, seems to act as a co-activator protein to the receptor sites5,6.

Try These Asian Guy Beard Styles

Last but not least, let’s get to the actual Asian facial hair styles.

Whether you have a beard already or are going to implement the two tricks above and will have soon, you can try out any of the popular styles below during your journey.

1. The Short Boxed Beard

Asian man smiling with a boxed beard
The short boxed beard is a great look for almost full (but patchy on the cheeks) beard for Asian guys.

2. The Van Dyke

Steven Yeun in magazine cover with thin facial hair
Fans of the Walking Dead will recognize the Asian Van Dyke style beard of Steven Yeun (Glenn). Without minoxidil and mucuna supplementation, this will sadly be the only style many Asian guys can pull off.

3. Balbo

Asian male with grey shirt and thin balbo style beard
“The Balbo” is a longer version of the goatee. It works quite well for many Asian guys since their growth in the cheek area tends to be more sparse than in the chin and mustache area.

Conclusion on Asian Beard Growth & Styles

So why can’t Asian men grow beards that well?

  • They tend to have lower DHT levels
  • Combined with less sensitive androgen receptors of the face

Both of these issues can be combated head-on with minoxidil (which can be bought from any online-retailer without a prescription) and supplementation with mucuna pruriens (which is also available from almost all major supplement retailers).

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  1. I don’t grow beards and I’ve used some products but nothing has changed. But when I heard about these two solutions I tried them and wow I’m rocking my beards. I recommend mucuna pruriens and minoxidil to grow your beards.

  2. LOL. I actually wondered what an ingredient used for preventing infertility and boosting sexual potency in men can actually work as beard growth medicine but now I think I know better. Totally cool.

  3. Velvet bean is sure a herb commonly used in the Indian herbal medicine; and from the contents and benefits I believe it would definitely work well to give one a good beard growth. I have beards though but I have seen how people use it and it’s been effective.

  4. Mucuna Prurient has been trending around my area and I see a lot of people grabbing it like it’s a big deal. I hope it would really work out because I want to get it too. I really would be glad to come back to share a testimonial or something.

  5. I think the lesson learned here is that you can fool Mother Nature. There are ways to get around genetics. An Asian man might not be able to grow a big bushy beard, but he has other options. Personally, I like some of these beard styles and I’m going to see if I might be able to rock one.


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