about beard resourceBeard Resource is an independent organized complication of everything you ever need to know to keep your beard;

  1. Growing faster naturally.
  2. Healthy and well maintained.
  3. Producing new facial hair on places it doesn’t grow normally

Our goal is simple, we want you – the reader – to learn the real evidence-based methods of stimulating your beard follicles to sprout new thick hairs naturally.

Many people say this can’t be done, and they will throw around the word “genetics”. And sure we understand that genetics can determine a lot, but we also acknowledge the research and anecdotal evidence behind things that are proven to increase natural facial hair growth;

  1. Increasing natural testosterone and DHT levels.
  2. Optimizing your diet towards better facial hair growth.
  3. Making sure your body has all the right micronutrients.
  4. Introducing you to proven growth stimulants (minoxidil).

We truly believe that the beard-field can be made better, because right now people are getting scammed from left to right by companies that sell you underdozed beard vitamins, weird unproven “beard powders” and growth boosters and sprays that can actually hurt the hormones necessary for proper facial hair growth.

So enjoy the site and keep on bearding!

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