How to Stop Beard Itch: 7 Ways to Combat Itchy Beard and Flaky Dry Facial Hair

So you grew a beard and now it itches like mad. What do? Well read on to find out the answers to permanently ridding yourself of beard itch & facial hair dandruff.

how to stop itchy beard and facial hair scratching

When growing a beard for the first time, many men are quick to notice something negative. The beard itch, with dry skin and rash under beard and flanky dandruff all-over your dark shirts.

This initial “itchy beard stage” can sometimes cause a man to shave something that could of have been a magnificent beard.

But did you know that there are many ways to stop itchy beard naturally and keep your beard from itching and spreading dandruff for good.

Behold the seven itchy facial hair cures:

1. Wash with Hydrating Beard Shampoo

all natural organic beard wash for preventing dandruff and beard itchingMany super-market brand shampoos actually rob the hair for all of its natural oils, and cause it to dry up in record times.

If you use these for beard, dry itchy facial hair and flaky dandruff are going to come sooner or later.

The solution?

Actual beard shampoo that is made of all natural ingredients that hydrate the skin underneath the beard without robbing it from its natural moisturizing oils.

The Scotch Porter’s Moisturizing beard wash does this perfectly…

NOTE: You can actually use it for your hair too, as it’s significantly better for hair health than regular shampoos sitting on your local grocery store shelves.

2. Use Facial Hair Conditioner

beard conditioner for dry beard skinYes there is conditioner for facial hair too…

…And yes, it’s somewhat different than the one that goes to your hair.

A good beard conditioner softens and hydrates the skin and maintains facial hair health by preventing split ends and allowing for better growth.

A good facial hair conditioner is also all-natural, free of harmful chemicals such as parabens and phthlates, and of course does the most important; prevents beard itch and dandruff.

NOTE: Scotch Porter has a great beard conditioner in same series as the shampoo above, I highly recommend that you give those a try.

3. Beard Oil (Obviously)

beard oil that prevents rash under beard and itchy facial hairOne of the main functions of beard oil is to restore moisture and hydrate the beard, as well as the dry skin under it.

However not all beard oils are created equal, and some actually contain oils that can either negatively impact the beard growing hormones (testosterone and DHT), or actually cause beard itching by drying the skin.

One of the better beard oils that actually works and masterfully hydrates the mane, is The Manskape Company’s Wild Willie’s Beard Elixir.

It contains organic oils that are similar to the one that your skin naturally produces, and is guaranteed to stop beard itching and relieve all facial hair dandruff problems.

So after you have washed your beard and conditioned it. Let it dry and apply some beard oil to it.

This is the triple whammy that sets the ground work for preventing itchy beard.

4. Trim and Untangle the Facial Hair

trimming beard to prevent dryness and itchingThis fourth step offers marginal help, but it’s still worth doing.

Either by yourself, or with an assistance of a barber, you should be trimming the beard and untangling all knots (only problem for guys with long enough mane and/or curly facial hair).

This not only improves the look of the beard but also helps to prevent split ends and beard itch by reducing the amount of ingrown hairs.

NOTE: Beard Resource recommends these professional grade facial hair scissors (with rounded tip so you don’t accidentally poke your eyes.

5. Brush the Beard

boar bristle brush for curing beard scratchA good boar bristle brush is almost a must if you want to keep your beard looking great.

Regular brushing trains the beard to grow into right direction…

…And it helps stop beard itch by exfoliating the skin underneath the beard and cleaning the facial hair from dirt and debris (yes your beard is full of barely visible dirt, that’s the main evolutionary reason why we grow hair on our faces, to protect it).

A common mistake is to think that a brush is just a brush. However, a real beard brush has different lengths of firm boar bristles, allowing you to capture hairs at every level of growth.

NOTE: Only use the brush after washing the beard and applying beard oil.

6. Drink More Water

drink more water to hydrate beard naturallyThis is a no-brainer, but most of us suffer from dry skin simply because we don’t drink enough water.

Drinking enough provides moisture to the skin and obviously helps moisture the beard, preventing itchy facial hair and beard dandruff.

The recommended amount of water to drink per day is 8 glasses, so if you’re looking for a beard itch cure, start by doing that.

This is especially true if you exercise. Training men need at least 10 glasses of water per day in order to provide proper cellular hydration and prevent the rise of the stress hormone cortisol.

7. Get your Micronutrient Intake in Control

multivitamin to boost testosterone and beard growth

This has been well-proven by scientific studies.

Several micronutrients are also needed to provide moisture for skin. Vitamins C and E for example are well known for this effect. As are biotin and vitamin A.

You can get these micronutrients by eating wholesome foods, and supplementing with a high-quality multivitamin.

NOTE: You might be interested in buying those shiny “beard vitamin” supplements. However such are pretty much a scam. They’re basically just low-quality kitchen-sink multivitamins with the word “beard” and a 5-10x higher price.


Beard itch is a serious problem for many men, and it often results in annoying dandruff that makes you look like a homeless person.

It doesn’t have to be that way though, with the above tips you can completely prevent and eliminate all problems related to itchy beard, dry skin, beard rash, and dandruff.

Beard on!