7 Best Beard Oils: Nourish with Proven Compounds

7 Best Beard Oils: Nourish with Proven Compounds

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Most people, when they are looking to purchase a bottle of beard oil, will look into two things; the scent and the design of the bottle.

Beyond that point, the consumer, and often not even the manufacturer, have any idea what a good beard oil product should include. In most cases, the consumer thinks the manufacturer knows what they’re doing, and the manufacturer knows that the consumer doesn’t know anything.

This creates a market full of products with poor ingredients, only to be prettied up with nice design and good scents.

What you should really be looking in a beard oil are the quality of the oils, as you want to focus on using monounsaturated and saturated (MUFA and SFA) source only, and skip all the polyunsaturated (PUFA) kind which become rancid in the skin surface and negatively impact the hormonal health of the hair follicle.

You should also look to avoid not only PUFA oils, but also extracts and pressed oils from things like hemp, soy, flax, and mint as these disrupt the optimal hormonal growth conditions of the facial hair.

So after looking through Amazon for their thousands of beard oils. I was pretty shocked to see that ALMOST ALL of them had PUFAs or some androgen suppressing seed oils & extracts. This is simply bad manufacturing and cluelessness in part of the producers.

With that being said, after several hours, I was able to find 7 of the best beard oils that I can recommend without losing my sleep over.

Here they are:

1. Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Sunny isles castor oil beard oil bottleCastor oil should be a staple as one of the best oils for facial hair.

It’s mainly monounsaturated so it doesn’t hurt the hormonal environment of the hair follicle.

It also has been found to increase the PGE2 prostaglandin levels which are linked to increased hair and beard growth rate.

And it has just the right viscosity to make a thinner beard look significantly denser.

There are many types of castor oil on the market…

…But the authentic Jamaican Black Castor oil is what we recommend for serious beard enthusiasts.

2. Drunken Pelican Original Beard Oil

Drunken Pelican beard oil bottle standing on white background.This beard oil is a game changer and my personal favorite.

Unlike many of the oils on the market that are laden with questionable ingredients and polyunsaturated fatty-acids which peroxidise when in the beard, compromise the hormonal balance of the follicle, and actually CAUSE beard rash and flakes, the Drunken Pelican oil has all of its fats and oils in saturated or monounsaturated form that has none of the above problems.

It’s crazy how many beard oils have been pumped full of cheap and harmful vegetable and seed oils, and extremely refreshing to find a product with pretty much perfect ingredient list.

You have a good blend of organic coconut, olive, and jojoba oils as the carriers, and then nice infusion of natural waxes, magnesium, and vitamin E to provide some nourishment and nice masculine scent.

Granted it’s not the cheapest oil, but I’m sure you won’t regret the purchase.

3. Grave Before Shave Cigar Blend Beard Oil

Bottle of Grave and Shave Beard oil isolated.When it comes to scent, this oil takes the prize.

Although this oil has a small amount of polyunsaturated oil in it (which can become rancid and is a problem with 99% of the beard oils) it’s also balanced with vitamin E (which as a natural fat-soluble antioxidant prevents that from happening).

To balance out the PUFA there’s also some quality carrier oils like Jojoba oil (saturated fat) and Tea Tree oil (monounsaturated fat). So I would say this isn’t perfect as everyday beard oil, but due to its epic scent, I would recommend it as occasional oil for the use of partying and special occasions.

You can grab a bottle from Amazon.

4. Hunter Jack’s Organic Beard Oil

Hunter Jacks fragrance-free beard serum and its package.When it comes to design, Hunter Jack’s products take the cake.

When it comes to quality of the ingredients and smart use of the correct oils, Hunter Jack is also at the highest level of the game.

Their organic blend of vitamin E oil, aloe vera, chamomile oil, and Jojoba oil provide a smooth mix of nourishment to the facial hair follicles without burdening them with hormone-suppressing ingredients.

Vitamin E oil especially is extremely good at hydrating the skin underneath the facial hair, and there’s some science linking vitamin E to enhanced testosterone levels, which certainly can help accelerate the rate of beard growth as well.

Despite the great quality, a bottle will not set you back too much.

5. Northern Fir Beard Oil

Northern Fir company beard oil bottle with clean logo.It was incredibly hard to find oils to qualify for this list. After scanning through more than 900 products, Northern Fir oil made the list.

But it isn’t perfect.

Although it has a very strong case for its main carrier oils; argan and jojoba. It also, unfortunately, has some grapeseed oil. The deal with grapeseed oil is that it’s mostly polyunsaturated and thus not ideal to use in cosmetics and especially facial hair.

However, I have decided to cut grape seeds some slack since they do actually increase nitric oxide production, which funnels nutrients to the facial hair follicles dues to increased blood flow.

Northern Fir oil also gets my recommendation due to its excellent scent of the natural forest. But by all means, I don’t think it ranks up quite as well as the Drunken Pelican oil for example.

You can grab a bottle from Amazon.

6. Beardology Sandalwood Facial Hair Care Oil

Three bottles of Beardology beard oils.Beardology’s Sandalwood scented beard oil is one of the finest and simple oils out there.

It doesn’t have any bad ingredients. Only a nice short list of quality nourishing fatty-acids and vitamins, such as;

  • Argan oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Avocado oil 
  • Sandalwood oil
  • And vitamin E

The oil is hand made in Cleveland and doesn’t break the budget.

If you’re looking for a simple everyday oil with supreme quality oils, consider the Beardology brand.

7. Jawbone Brothers Premium Jojoba and Argan Oil

A skull shaped bottle of beard oil and its package.This is one rad skull bottle, which definitely sets the Jawbone brothers apart from the competition.

Their ingredients are also very simple, and extremely good for beard health, follicle hormonal environment, and fatty-acid profile (mostly saturated or MUFA, no PUFA).

In fact, this neat skull dropper bottle hides in only two ingredients at 50/50 split; Argan oil and Jojoba oil.

It has no added scent or essential oils, but the natural Argan oil scent is pretty pleasant, sort of nutty. Definitely better than most attempts out there.

You can get this skull… I mean a bottle at Amazon.

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  1. Using castor oin stopped when I felt I was spening more on it and needed something else. Now i have 6 other options and i think i will go with Beardology Sandalwood Facial Hair Care Oil