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Coconut oil can be used for beard in two ways, either as a coconut oil beard oil or as an edible oil to promote testosterone production.

Sure there are other ways to use coconut oil than just for facial hair, as it also increases metabolic rate and promotes thyroid function (hint: it’s actually one of the healthiest oils to eat).

But now let’s look at how coconut oil works for beard growth, both externally and internally:

Can Coconut Oil Be Applied to Face as Beard Oil?

man with a thick full beardThe answer is a resounding yes. Coconut oil is not as sticky as many other oils, and it works very well as a natural beard conditioner.

“Does coconut oil help beard grow faster when applied to face?”

Answer: Coconut oil does not directly stimulate growth when applied to face (so it’s not comparable to minoxidil or castor oil), but it maintains the health of the beard, prevents breakage, and moisturizes the skin underneath the beard.

Anyways, bottom line is that coconut oil on beard and in beard is a good thing. A moisturizing non-sticky oil with great aroma, which works well as a carrier oil for beard oils, beard balms, beard conditioners, or why not solely as is.

Can Coconut Oil Boost Beard Growth when Eaten?

jar of coconut oil and coconutsThis is where things get interesting, as coconut oil has many benefits for hormone levels, the specific hormones that increase beard growth rate naturally.

I’m talking about two powerful male hormones; testosterone and DHT (former increases beard density and the latter promotes linear beard growth).

As well as thyroid hormones which affect the speed of hair, skin, and nail growth all-around the body.

Firstly, coconut oil contains ketones, which can naturally speed up thyroid gland function and the metabolic rate, this in turn slightly boosting natural hair growth on facial hair area1.

Secondly, multiple animal studies have shown that coconut oil increases testosterone levels naturally2–4. Testosterone being necessary for beard growth, it’s obvious that eating something which raises the levels of this powerful hormone would also help grow your beard faster.

Lastly, DHT, a hormone even more powerful than testosterone for beard growth.

Some men are scared about eating coconut oil as they think it would lower DHT levels, as it has been found in one test-tube study that lauric acid found in coconut oil can slightly inhibit the conversion from testosterone to DHT by reducing an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase5.

However, anecdotally, men using a lot of coconut oil often report high levels of DHT. This is because coconut oil increases testosterone, and 5% of your testosterone converts to DHT naturally anyway. So even if the lauric acid in coconut oil could slightly inhibit the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT, the end result is still more DHT as testosterone increases and that’s the raw material which DHT is made of.

Just take a look at this guys blood DHT levels, he ate a Ray Peat style diet with nearly all fats from coconut oil, and his testosterone increased by 28% and DHT by 31% (update: sadly the Peatarian website has disappeared from the web so his results are gone).

Eating coconut oil significantly increased two of the main hormones behind facial hair growth. This may make coconut oil one of the best foods for naturally stimulating beard growth.

Where to Buy Coconut Oil and What Type is Best?

coconut oil and coconut fruitRegardless of whether you use coconut oil on your face as a beard oil, or in your diet as a hormone booster, the type of coconut oil should be the same.

And that is unrefined organic cold-pressed coconut oil.

That’s the type of coconut oil with all of its nutrients (not destroyed by heating) and it has no extra chemicals or pesticides in it (your beard nor your body doesn’t need those).

We at Beard Resource recommend Trader Joe’s coconut oil for the best bang for your buck. It works well in your plate and on your beard. You can pick up a 16oz jar from Amazon without breaking the budget.

NOTE: Coconut oil is solid at room temperature if you’re going to use it for face, warm it up in your palms for a while to make it liquid.

Conclusion on Coconut Oil for Beard

Coconut oil works to maintain a healthy beard on the outside, as well as may promote beard growth from the inside.

Topical coconut oil as beard oil prevents hair breakage and maintains moisture in the skin under the beard, helping you prevent beard dandruff and itchiness.

When eaten it converts more cholesterol into testosterone and can indirectly raise DHT. Not to forget its overall thyroid hormone boosting properties.

Remember to always buy the real organic cold-pressed coconut oil. None of those fake refined heated, health-disasters.

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  1. Trader Joe’s coconut oil is now in my cart, I have lost hope in coconut oil. I started growing beard ignorant of how to use most of this stuffs. I only applied coconut oil and never considered it as diet. Your post has become really helpful to me. I am grateful for this info

  2. I am so glad that I stumbled upon your blog about beard growth and health! I read your article started using coconut oil on my beard daily about 3 months ago and it has helped tremendously. My beard hair is softer and doesn’t have as much breakage as it used to.


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