4 Best Beard and Mustache Combs to Use in 2018

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kent beard comb on table
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So you got a thick beard on your face and a nice mustache on your upper lip? Congratulations.

Now, let’s get you a quality beard & mustache comb to tidy up the ‘Stache and facial hair.

We’ve got you covered, as we deliver 4 of the highest-quality facial hair and moustache combs to you, in a super-curated list.

↓ First things first though, here’s what to look for. ↓

  • Don’t get a metal comb, ever – Although metallic beard combs look quite nice, they don’t perform that well at all. The teeth of the combs are often uneven and can damage the facial hair, while the metal itself can cause a static charge to your hair strands; not good.
  • Choose the right teeth spacing – If you have a coarser and thick beard, you need to be using a beard comb with wider teeth spacing; otherwise, you’ll end up in snag-city. If your beard is softer and not overly thick, you can get away with combs that have the teeth more spaced in.
  • Plastic combs suck – I wish they wouldn’t because plastic is super cheap, but the fact is that plastic beard combs are often flimsy, easy to break, machine-produced in mass quantities, and they cause static charge for the whiskers.
  • Look for these – The biggest thing to look for material-wise is to make sure that your beard comb is made of an anti-static and durable material, such as wood, horn, or cellulose acetate. Also, make sure that the comb is hand-crafted or at least finished by hand.

This video from BeardTube (subscribe to him) explains the above quite nicely ↓

With the above in mind, let’s examine the four best beard and mustache combs.

1. Kent Finest Handmade Beard and Mustache Comb Set

kent mustache combKent is the name of the game when it comes to both beard combs and beard brushes.

It’s the undisputed “golden standard” of the comb & brush space, and rightfully so.

Although their combs look like they would be made of plastic, they certainly aren’t.

This is what they say:

Every Kent comb undergoes the traditional craft of shaping and cutting from a solid blank of tortoiseshell effect material.

This means that the static charge or poor-quality will never be an issue with any of their combs, and since every teeth is saw cut instead of being machine-pressed, there will always be perfectly smooth teeth that glide through your beard and mustache effortlessly.

This is what you’ll get in a set:

  • A large comb for thicker & bigger beards.
  • A medium comb for thinner smaller facial hair.
  • A mustache comb, perfect match to any mustache scissors.

As a brand, they are old and respected. In fact, they made their first products as early as 1777.

If you’re looking for a beard & mustache comb set, then this is likely the best three-piece kit you’ll ever find, and if you’re a competitor doing product analysis, this is the brand you want to mimic.

You can get the Kent Beard & Mustache Comb set from Amazon.

2. Aberlite Credit Card Size Pocket Beard & Moustache Comb

aberlite beard combThis is one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen when it comes to beard combs.

Aberlite has created a thin, high-quality sandalwood comb, that is so small it fits the coin pocket of your jeans.

(3.3″ x 2.1″ 0.3″) or roughly credit card size.

With the comb, you will also get two protective cases;

  • One that is super-slim and made out of dark faux leather
  • And the other which offers heavy-duty protection in a bit larger size.

It’s one of many sandalwood combs on this list, which is great because sandalwood is durable, it smells nice, and it provides an anti-static, snag-free beard combing experience.

Aberlite is definitely one of those rising beard brands that I can see getting extremely popular in the upcoming years. Previously I have showcased their innovative neckline trimming tool in one of my beard trimmer reviews.

You can get the AberLite Pocket Comb from Amazon.

3. Rocky Mountain Barber Co. Sandalwood Beard Comb

rocky mountain combWe like what Rocky Mountain Barber Company does with their combs.

Their beard comb is 100% sandalwood, comes with coarse teeth and fine teeth, and has a small “precision edge” shaping helpers on the ends.

Not only this but he combs contour shape gives you better contact and more whiskers to be combed in one go.

Oh, and it also has a leather pouch, similar to the Hunter Jack comb.

All-in-all, we like this to be one of the better products you can get your hands on, and it definitely deserves to be in our list of best beard & mustache combs.

Get the Rocky Mountain Barber Co. Beard Comb at Amazon.

4. Meta-C Hand-Crafted Sandalwood & Buffalo Horn Comb

meta c buffalo beard combThis beard comb differs from others in this list by including buffalo horn as teeth material.

Just like the other combs, buffalo horn doesn’t cause a static charge on your whiskers and it tends to glide through your beard hair smoother than any other material.

Buffalo horn is also durable when properly maintained, that is when you don’t get it wet or heat it up with a blowdryer or something similar.

The handle part is made out of our favorite wood material; sandalwood, which provides durability and also the masculine foresty aroma that is known to last for years.

The size of this beard comb is 4.7″ x 2″ x 0.3″ so it’s somewhat of a medium size when it comes to beard comb sizes in general.

Grab the Meta-C Buffalo Horn Beard Comb from Amazon.

Beard Comb vs. Beard Brush Which One to Choose?

beard comb vs beard brush

A lot of men are pondering whether they should invest in a beard brush or a beard comb?

In my humble opinion, they both serve a purpose. Yet, you don’t absolutely need to have them both.

With a comb, you are basically just doing what you do to a long hair; you untangle the mess, lining up and straightening up the hairs, usually downwards.

A comb is also a useful aid when applying beard oil, as you can comb after application to help evenly distribute the oil into your whiskers. The bigger the beard, the handier the comb usually proves to be.

A quality beard brush, on the other hand, will provide exfoliation, oil & sebum distribution, as well as the stimulation of circulation and natural sebum production in the facial hair area.

If you’d ask me which one is better, I’d personally have to go with the brush on this one. It’s a tad bit more versatile, at least for my personal use.

How to Properly Comb a Beard

Let the father of the Beard Brand himself, Eric Bandholz, show you:

Combing a beard isn’t exactly rocket science. It’s almost like combing your hair, just with few differences.

First, you want to start from combing underneath the beard, especially if its big and thick.

Next start isolating the snags and untangle them.

And finally, finish off by combing everything downwards. This is important; always end the combing session by straightening your facial hair downwards.

Conclusion on Beard and Mustache Combs

As many as there are the combers, there’s also combs, but not just any comb shall do.

Always choose quality materials and hand-crafted products. No stamp-pressed plastics or static charge causing metals with jagged edges.

Some great materials include; sandalwood, pearwood, cellulose acetate, and buffalo horn.

When it comes to teeth width on your beard combs, the golden rule is this:

The coarser the beard, the wider the teeth.

That’s all I have for you today. Thanks for reading and keep on beardin’.