7 Best Beard Brushes Every Man Needs in 2018

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facial hair brushes at various stages of production
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So you have some sick facial hair growth, yet it’s kind of everywhere and you’re looking to take better care of it?

You’re at the right place; these amazing beard brushes are going to sort you out in no time.

But why use a beard brush anyway?

Brushing exfoliates the skin underneath and clears the facial hair from dirt, debris, and dead skin cells.

Also, brushing your beard is part of what is called; “training the beard”. Meaning that as you regularly brush your facial hair in certain style and shape, the hair strands and follicles will grow accustomed to the shape and grow into it more and more naturally.

Lastly, beard brush helps evenly distribute the natural oils and sebum to your beard which are produced by the sebaceous glands and within the facial hair follicles.

Not only that, but the slight stimulation and improved circulation from brushing will enhance the natural production of those fatty acids.

What to Look for in a Beard Brush?

bristle boarAlthough it’s not mandatory, a quality beard brush is usually made from boar bristles.

Ever since the 1800’s boar bristle brushes have been used (mostly by women and on scalp-hair) to promote healthy hair growth before the era of styling products.

While structurally similar to the human hair, natural boar bristles carry the sebum from the skin; all the way to the ends of the beard hair strands through the hair shaft.

This will lead to increased shine and moisture, less breakage and split-ends, and generally; a thicker looking healthier beard.

Since you’re actively redistributing the oil away from the skin, you are also reducing your need to constantly wash the beard, which is good, because washing too often is certainly one of those things that will dry up your beard the most.

What makes a quality beard & mustache brush?

  • Good bristles; boar or horse hair is the best.
  • Good handle; sturdy, long-lasting, and something that fits your hand.
  • Quality material; Beechwood and pearwood are often used for their durability.
  • Bristle stiffness; generally, the longer the beard the stiffer the bristles.

1. Kent BRD2 Limited Edition Beard Brush

Kent as a brand is just pure perfection.

Their beard and mustache brushes? The absolute golden standard.

This British luxury brush & comb company was the very first to dabble into the game of facial hair brushes, and they started as early as 1777.

Their brushes tend to be sold a bit higher prices than most other brands out there, but that’s because these are not just any ordinary brushes.

Each one is carefully hand-crafted from quality wood and 100% pure boar bristles.

The amount of quality, care, love, and detail that these professionals at Kent put into their work is mind-blowing.

In my humble opinion, the best brush they’ve ever released is the BRD2 Limited Edition Beard Brush.

Here’s why:

  • The 6-inch brush is the perfect size for daily use.
  • Kent BRD2 has a natural Beechwood handle with angled Boar Bristles.
  • The brush is hand-crafted by seasoned professionals.
  • It comes in a nice gift-box with an additional cotton-string bag

You can grab the Kent BRD2 from Amazon.

2. Kent BRD5 Super Soft Monster Brush

kent monsterSorry for being such a Kent fan with this list, but I can’t resist dedicating the #2 spot to them too.

You see, they recently released the BRD5 Monster Beard Brush as successor to the BRD2.

This brush has a much larger bristle area, and the key factor here is softness.

Instead of using the standard 100% pure boar bristles, they chose to go with hand-blended horse hair and nylon. 

This brush should be the go-to choice for anyone with a thick but sensitive beard. If you don’t like the coarseness of the natural boar bristles, the BRD5 will likely suit your needs perfectly.

Like with most Kent’s brushes, the premium product comes with a premium price tag, but I think it’s easily justified for such high-quality hand-crafted products.

Get your own Kent BRD5 Monster Brush from Amazon.

3. Hunter Jack’s Beard Brush Kit

hunter jack brush kit for facial hair care and groomingI’ve been really happy with Hunter Jack’s beard products for years.

I started from using their wooden comb and then found that they made some pretty neat beard oil too.

Their beard brush kit though, I think is their most impressive release so far.

Within this nice looking gift-box, comes a two piece set of beard brushes. A smaller one with a handle that is perfect for mustache, and a larger brush for overall beard brushing.

For a really low price-mark, Hunter Jack has managed to give us two brushes, with quality design and wood, and 100% boar bristles. Not bad, and well-deserving of the #3 spot.

You can get the Hunter Jack Beard Brush Set from Amazon.

4. ZilberHaar Pure Boar Bristle Brush

zilberhaar productsThe German brand; ZilberHaar is at the top of the game when it comes to brushing the beard.

As you can already imagine just by looking at the picture, their brushes are 100& natural boar bristle.

What I like about this brush is that it’s fairly coarse and the pearwood handle offers a great grip.

It’s one of the best choices around for daily brushing, clearing debris and dead skin cells, and distributing the natural oils & sebum around the mane.

Their design is also great, you definitely don’t feel like hiding the ZilberHaar products in the darkest compartment of your toilet cabinets; just leave them at the edge of the table, it’s like a decorative piece.

Get your own Zilbehaar Beard Brush from Amazon.

5. BFWood Round Travel-Size Beard Brush

bfwood round travel size facial hair bristle brushThis is hands down one of the best small beard brushes for traveling.

BFWood has managed to create a visually pleasing little brush that comes with a small travel case, for a very affordable price.

The design looks fabulous, with dark wood and black bristles, and a nice “sophisticated wild” burn mark at the handle.

The small circular handle fits perfectly into your palm and makes the distribution of natural oils and sebum + the daily exfoliation that brushing offers, feel like a breeze.

Here’s why we like the brush:

  • Perfect for traveling with just 2.4 x 2.4″ size and a small case.
  • Easy to hold round design with black walnut wood handle.
  • 100% Boar bristles, medium-hard firmness for daily use.
  • Cheaper than the Millenial avocado toast.

Get the BFWood Round Pocket Brush from Amazon.

6. The Vegan Beard Brush (Vegetal Bristles)

vegan boar bristle brush for facial hairWhile I’m not personally a vegan and enjoy using boar bristle brushes, you have to always acknowledge one thing.

There’s plenty of vegan guys with a beard, and many of them see the use of boar and horse hair in the beard brush business as something that’s both unethical and not suitable for vegans.

If that’s you, then you will be pleased to hear that there is a great quality brush option for you too.

The Golden Beards Tampico Cactus Fiber Beard Brush.

It looks like this brand uses the same German factory as ZilberHaar, as the handle is made from the same pearwood, and looks identical to theirs.

Just the bristles are different and 100% vegan; made from the Agave Lechugilla plant native to the dry areas of Mexico.

This Vegan Bristle Beard Brush can be bought from Amazon.

7. ZilberHaar Pocket Brush

two pocket sized zilberhaar brushesAnother ZilberHaar brush?

Yes, sir.

These Deutch people really know how to make their beard brushes I tell you that…

Their pocket-size variant of the larger brush somewhere above in this article is A-class quality.

It uses the same pearwood material on the handle and pure boar bristles.

The design, as always with these guys, is top of the line. And if the BFWoods round beard brush wasn’t quite what you were looking for, this makes for a great alternative when traveling or on-the-go.

After all, the size is just 3.25 x 1.125″. I have one of these sitting at the console of my car, and I think it’s perfect there. You can always just grab it with you if you’re in need of some beard care on the go.

ZilberHaar Pocket Brush can be found at Amazon.

How to Clean a Beard Brush

This great video from Gray Bailey should answer all of your beard brush cleaning questions (notice how he too, is a fan of Kent brushes).

Basically, a beard brush with boar bristles is like human hair, but much thicker and coarser. Because of that, washing and cleaning your brush is not too far from washing your own hair.

Here’s how to clean it:

1. Start by dipping the brush quickly into a wat of warm shampoo water.

2. Use your fingers to wipe debris from the bristles (or smaller brush works too).

3. Use a smaller cleaning brush (or toothbrush) to clean the wood from underneath the bristles.

4. Fill the wat or bowl with clean  water and rinse out the bristles

5. Finish off by drying the wet bristles with a blow dryer.

You don’t neeed to be doing this constantly, couple times per year should suffice.

Conclusion on Best Beard Brushes

Beard brushes may seem like a waste of time on the surface.

But when you dig deeper, you’ll realize that they are in fact, some of the most important tools in any man’s beard growth & care arsenal.

There’s no better and simpler way to nourish and train your beard than to regularly brush it; and for that, I highly recommend that you grab hold of one of the brushes in the above review.

Thanks for reading and keep on beardin’.