Does Shaving Make Facial Hair Grow Back Thicker, Darker, and Faster?

Exploring the age old myth. Can you really "shave it till you make it?"

does shaving make facial hair grow back thicker and faster

One of the most pervasive shaving myths of the beard growing field is that using a razor everyday would stimulate beard to grow back thicker, darker, and faster.

Ask almost anyone what they think is the best way to make facial hair grow faster, and you’ll get an answer like this:

“The more you shave the more it grows…”

Even though there’s some logic behind that, it’s still a myth, here’s why:

Does Facial Hair Grow Faster if You Shave?

does hair grow back faster after shavingIf the “shaving everyday makes hair grow faster” myth would be true, most men would be able to grow full beards.

This is however, not the case, as shaving does very little to stimulate beard growth.

It may seem like that at first, as the freshly cut ends of the facial hair will feel more dense, and shorter stubble always feels like its thicker than it really is when you let it grow longer.

But in reality, no matter how often you shave, the facial hair follicles will sprout new hair at the same rate.

More specifically, your beard follicles will pump out hair following the normal hair growth cycle, going from growth phase (anagen) to transition phase (catagen) to resting phase (telogen), before returning back to growth phase…

…Shaving doesn’t (unfortunately) change this cycle or increase the growth phase. The only things that work to actually increase the hairs in the anagen phase and stimulate beard growth are minoxidil, microneedlingproper micronutrient balance, and androgens.

does shavig stimulate hair growth
This is the human hair growth cycle, and shaving doesn’t alter it.


Does shaving make hair grow thicker? No.

Does shaving stimulate facial hair growth? No. Marginal improvements due to increased facial area blood flow can slightly help, but not in way most people tell you.

If shaving doesn’t help, what does? The only proven ways to stimulate facial hair growth are;

  1. Minoxidil
  2. Microneedling
  3. Increased androgens
  4. Proper micronutrient balance