5 Common Mistakes People Make when Growing a Beard

Growing a beard is a form of art, and making mistakes is part of the game. However, these five beard mistakes are easy to avoid and will save you from lots of hardship during your facial hair growth journey.

common beard growing mistakes men make

Don’t get me wrong, growing a beard is mostly just simply letting it grow…

…But, there are still many mistakes and traps you can fall victim to, which can sabotage your efforts an/or severely cut back your ability to grow a GOOD looking beard.

In this post, we will look at 5 of the most common ones to help you save your beard from them.

1. Being Too Impatient

impatient man failing at beard growthFor many men, deciding to grow a beard can be the best decision they ever make.

It’s a sign of supreme male health, provides warmth and protection for the face, gives you a confidence boost, and so on.

But growing a beard isn’t as easy as some people think, especially if you aren’t primed to grow it super fast, like some lucky bastards are.

Most people who take on this adventure of growing a beard, usually last few weeks. Then begins the itchy stage of beard growth, and if your face isn’t fully covered yet, many make the mistake of starting to shape and style their beards.

Shaping a starting beard isn’t a good idea, since you will usually end up cutting of too much and eventually give in and shave the whole thing off.

Simply put, patience is your best friend when growing facial hair. You should give it AT LEAST 6 weeks before any sort of shaving, shaping, or styling to uncover your true beard potential. Sure you could end up with a patchy beard, but it’s not the end of the world.

2. Not Trimming or Shaping at All

popular beard fails and mistakesOne way to grow a beard is to simply let it grow.

This is all good for the first 6-8 weeks, but by all means after that it’s advised that you do some routine trimming and shaping so you don’t end up with a bird’s nest on your face.

(We have a guide to best trimmers to choose from).

This point is of utmost importance especially if you don’t have extremely dense beard growth. For most guys, the beard grows much slower on different areas, especially the cheeks…

…And if you never shape or trim it, things can get pretty ugly when a thin beard is untamed and grows in variety of lengths across the face.

3. Believing in Age Old Beard Myths

increase facial hair growth naturallyThere’s a mountain of myths when it comes to facial hair, and following them can destroy your beard growing motivation and progress.

First is a popular one which states that having a beard will make it harder for you to land a job. This one is completely false in most professions. In fact, having a beard has been shown in several studies to make men more likable, wise-looking, and serious. Beards are also perceived as a sign of health. So who doesn’t want an employee like that?

Another popular myth is that shaving would make the beard thicker and facial hair growth faster. This is not true. There is absolutely no evidence that shaving increases the rate of facial hair growth, and no scientifically plausible mechanism either.

And the classic one; “Beards make men unattractive”. The polar opposite is true. Subconsciously women are attracted to men with beards since this is an evolutionary sign of the males testosterone levels, which signals sexual prowess, strength, protection, and quality off-spring material. There is science to back this last part up.

4. Product Avoidance

product avoidance is a beard mistake number oneIt’s fine if you want to grow your beard “all natural”, but thinking that all beard products are just useless waste of time and money is pretty stupid.

Beard washes and conditioners tend to be very useful in preserving the natural oils of the face and hydrating the skin underneath

Beard oils, balms, and waxes can greatly enhance the look of a beard and keep it in shape.

Products like minoxidil and microneedle are proven to increase the growth of beard, even if one isn’t naturally primed to grow one.

So on and so forth, if you’re stuck in the cynical idea that beard products are just a rip off and new hipster market, you are missing out.

5. Neglecting the Hair on Top of Your Head

not styling hair to suit beard is popular beard fail that needs addressingThere are several different hair styles that suit different densities and styles of beards.

This is why you don’t want to solely focus on the beard and neglect the hair.

For instance, it often appears that my beard is almost twice as dense as it really is when I go get a short on the sides cut at my local barber. It just so happens to be one of the styles to best amplify the look of a beard.

Whatever the case, don’t neglect the head hair. Only if you’re bald, but that ain’t an issue if you got a beard, as bald head and bushy beard is a solid style.