Beard Growth Oil & Cream: Everything you Need to Know

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Beard oils have rapidly increased in popularity, but what about beard growth oils and beard growth creams?

I mean oils and facial hair growth creams specifically promoted as products that make your beard grow faster and stimulate new growth.

What are the real facts behind these beard growth formulas? Their ingredients? And do they even work?

Let’s examine:

Beard & Mustache Growth Oils, Do they Work?

man putting on beard growth oilChecking the market, there seem to be these five prominent products that all promise their beard oil or cream to stimulate facial hair growth, and they are;

  • Beard Farmer Growther Oil.
  • Dollar Beard Club Grow Oil.
  • Beardilizer Beard Growth Cream.
  • Ustraa Beard Growth Oil.
  • Beard Flux XL beard Growth Oil.

The unfortunate fact is that after checking and reviewing the ingredients on all of them and checking for research and anecdotal evidence, I can guarantee you that none of them will work in the way as advertised.

Beard Farmer’s Growther Oil

This beard growth product claims to grow your beard 6x faster. Yes, that’s not a typo, they actually are arrogant enough to claim that.

When looking at the ingredients (which they make really hard to access), we can see that their product is mainly olive oil, with some essential oils thrown in there that do absolutely nothing for facial hair growth.

Oh did I mention that they are also perfectly OK selling you mostly olive oil at the price of $24 per 2oz? This is a scam. Plain and simple. Don’t believe the fake Amazon reviews, don’t waste your money.

Dollar Beard Club Grow Oil

Although they have a strong brand with quality beard oils, awesome advertisements, and great mission (no shaving), their “Grow Oil” isn’t really going to grow your beard any faster.

Their monthly program includes growth oil at $8 per 1oz, which is really a decent deal considering that the oil goes just well as a normal beard oil, but let me be clear by saying that it doesn’t do anything significant in stimulating beard growth.

Even though their Grow oil contains castor oil (which may marginally benefit beard growth), these effects are likely reversed by another ingredient; rice bran oil, which blocks the most potent beard growth hormone (DHT)1.

Beardilizer Beard Growth Cream

Even before I checked their ingredients I was pretty sure they were out and ready to make another low-quality product just as their Beardilizer beard vitamin is.

And I was correct. Their cream is basically water, olive oil, and coconut oil. Along with possible DHT blocking oils (that actually reduce beard growth) such as lauric acid and sunflower oil. Rest of the ingredients are either preserving chemicals and/or scents.

And they are glad to ask you to pay $23 for 4oz of this cream that for certain does not stimulate any new growth of beard.

Ustraa Beard Growth Oil

This is one of the best-selling beard growth oils in India, and they claim its a “blend of 8 natural oils”, and contains the growth promoting “Redensyl” compound.

The 8 oils are nothing special, after viewing the list, we can see that none of them (with the exception of maybe argan oil and vitamin E) do nothing to promote growth.

Then there’s the mystical “Redensyl” which is highly praised online for its magical hair growth effect. On a closer look, however, you can discover that it’s just green tea extract, and thus, not good for you beard, as green tea catechins can actually lower testosterone and DHT levels.

Beard Flux XL

This one comes from the manufacturers of the beard growth product “Beard Grow XL“, which is a massive failure containing DHT blockers.

I was expecting their growth oil to be bad as well, but out of the ones mentioned here, it’s actually the best (yet still, nothing special).

They have managed to (this time) keep away from DHT suppressing fatty acids, and list their ingredients like argan oil, amla oil, and Jojoba oil, with the addition of caffeine.

And then you notice something they didn’t even mention.

Safflower oil. Right there, as the second ingredient in their bottles (but not mentioned on their sales page). And as you might guess, safflower oil is one of the most potent DHT-blocking oils, right after rice bran oil.

If you understand facial hair, you know that blocking the most potent androgen of the human body (DHT), is bad news for beard growth.

vellus hair to terminal hair transition

Considering their past as deceptive beard pill company, you can be sure that there’s something wrong with their beard growth oil as well.

And in addition to having a potent DHT-blocking oil in it, it is the price. They are happy to charge $47 from 1 oz. dropper bottle of oils and caffeine that literally costs less than $3 to make.

The main beard growth oils on the market are ineffective and probably sold simply because there is demand for such products.

DIY Beard Growth Oil that Works

dropper bottle of diy beard growth oilEven though the beard and mustache growth oils on big online retailers are almost always scam products, doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be a way to make beard growth oil.

In fact, there are several natural oils and fatty acids that can support beard growth by stimulating testosterone and DHT.

And there are a handful of compounds that can enhance facial hair growth by activating dormant androgen receptors on the beard hair follicles.

When you create a base from quality oils, and then add in the growth stimulating compounds (which trust me, no brand on big online retailers is even doing) you can actually create the best beard growth oil there is.

Not to mention, it’s DIY and for much cheaper than the scam products are selling for.

Here’s a proven DIY facial hair growth oil recipe:

Here are some links to the oils mentioned above. ⇓

This recipe won’t result in such aggressive beard growth that you can get from using minoxidil for example, but it’s a really good daily oil to use that can slowly stimulate natural beard growth.

Note: If you fancy some other beard care recipes, I’ve also posted about a DIY beard conditioner, DIY beard shampoo, and even about homemade beard balm. All of those are super easy to make.

To supercharge the growth promoting effects, you could also add in some castor oil (which raises PGD2 and can increase circulation) and even some chili powder (which contains androgen receptor activating capsaicin), do note with chili though, that you’re pretty close to the eyes with this oil.

Beard Growth Oil Frequently Asked Questions

Do facial hair and mustache growth oils work?

No, sadly at least all the products sold on big online retailers are mostly snake oil, and have no scientific validity, nor do the ingredients specifically have any beard growth promoting effects.

What oils are bad and good for beard growth?

Most of the oils that are polyunsaturated vegetable oils (PUFA) can suppress beard growth rate by lowering DHT. There’s plenty of science behind that and it’s likely caused by a process called lipid peroxidation.

Bad oils for beard include:

  • Rice bran oil (DHT-blocker)
  • Safflower oil (also potent DHT-blocker)
  • Soy oil (high PUFA, estrogenic).
  • Sweet almond oil (high PUFA).
  • Hemp seed oil (estrogenic, high PUFA).
  • Pumpkin seed oil (high PUFA, DHT-blocker).

Saturated fats (SFA) and monounsaturated oils (MUFA) however have been studied to be either neutral, or to promote DHT and testosterone, and therefore can be slightly helpful in promoting beard growth.

Good oils for beard include:

Conclusion on Beard Growth Oils

Beard growth oils do not work, and most often will be a form of rip-off where something like olive oil is sold you with a huge price tag and a claim of boosting beard growth by 6x.

At least that is, anything currently on the market, doesn’t work. The manufacturers don’t understand the difference between scalp hair and androgenic facial hair, and thus, their facial hair growth products always fall short.

In many cases, they even use compounds that can suppress beard growth rate.

The only way to really get the best beard growth oil is to make some yourself, from fats that don’t suppress hormones and include in a couple of growth promoting ingredients like caffeine and carnitine.

Take it from Eric Bandholz himself:

If you’re looking for a way to actually stimulate new growth of facial hair and are tired of scamming companies, I can tell you couple things that will work to force your follicles to produce new facial hair…

  1. Minoxidil, a proven pharmaceutical that delivers more nutrients and hormones (testosterone and DHT) to the follicles, triggering growth.
  2. Diet and supplementation protocol that ensures you a balanced intake of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) to support and maximize natural growth potential.
  3. Castor oil, which contains ricinoleic acid that slightly stimulates the production of prostaglandin E2 on the follicles and can thicken the growth.
  4. Microneedling and other patchy beard hacks that are actually backed by science, to finally help you get rid of that patchy thin beard and turn it into a thick mane.

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  1. They don’t work , Non of them does. I prefer the diet thing than using beard oil. They just sell cheap oils expensive in the name of beard oil.

  2. I have not used one before, maybe its cos i grew beard so fast. at the age of 18 i was already shaving every three days till I insisted in growing bead at 23